Harmony Alley

Staff Rewards, Interview Games (Becky)

['remember me' is playable]

(lyrics scramble. guess the video, guess the card, easy trivia, word scramble, what year, missing letters, broken quote)

9 random regular cards, 1 LL ticket

puzz-barcelona03 nickandaaron03 iwantitthatway06 iwantitthatway12 soloshoot20 laydown19 istill06 straight11 helpme20

Staff Rewards, Rehearsal Games (Becky)

[puzzles are playable]

(name that song, who said that, difficult trivia, thinking of a number, missing cd; puzzles are playable)

5 random cards, 2 random special cards, 1 choice regular, 1 choice special, and the tickets

lotharlange19 istill15 chicago03 malibubeach02 markseliger18

roses05 elemental04

Staff Rewards, Concert Games (Becky)

['random freebie' is playable; 5 random, 1 random special, 2 UL ticket, 1 LL ticket, 1 choice card]


chicago17 briansolo08 kevandkris02 soloshoot05 malibubeach19


Crossword: take either 2 regular or 1 special

makingincomplete20 drowning12


Staff Rewards, Encore Games (Becky)

['slots' and 'blend puzzle' are playable]

(instant lottery, busted, find nick, soduku)

6 random, 2 random special, 3 regular choice, 1 UL

briansolo11 inbyhus05 thisisusmiami15 twitter08 tvgbrian04 puzz-barcelona16

peoplemag02 roses03