Harmony Alley


Harmony Alley was opened on January 8th, 2007 and is run by Becky. Harmony Alley was originally run by Aceetha, HoL and Sam. All three had run at least 1 TCG on our own before this: Aceetha ran the first ever Backstreet Boys TCG, Heaven-Ly; HoL ran the first Nick Carter TCG, 2kaotic, and later a Stargate TCG called Portal; Sam ran a Pirates of the Caribbean TCG, High Seas, as well as a horse themed TCG and a John Mayer TCG. This TCG came about when Sam and HoL were talking about missing having a BSB TCG to play. It so happened that HoL had already made a card template that would work great for it, so the two of them decided they'd make it. Not too long after that, they asked Aceetha if she'd be interested in running it with them, and she said yes. So, here it is!

After the first hiatus, Becky took over in October 2007. She was already a member of Harmony Alley, and was running Delta Quadrant, a Star Trek: Voyager TCG which has since closed. In addition to Harmony Alley, she runs Seattle Grace, a Grey's Anatomy TCG.

Skins 3 and 4 were created by HoL, as was the card template. This TCG is also run largely via a script that HoL wrote called TCG Admin.

Skins 1 and 2 were created by Becky.


While we did most of the work ourselves, there are still quite a few sites/people that deserve thanks for contributing to this site in different ways.

The Golden Snitch: For her snitch idea which inspired me to make the gate tokens on this site.
Premier: For some game ideas (mainly the method for the sudoku game), the passes as worth choice cards, the member profile idea, and inspiration.
Backstreet Boys @ Incomplete Men: For deck & puzzle pictures.
Not-Like-You.com: For deck pictures.
NicKaos.Com: For deck pictures.
BSB Photos.net: For deck pictures.
Web Sudoku: For the sudoku puzzles.
beaty625.com: For some update smilies.
In The Cards: For the Slots & Easy Lottery games.
Web Shoppe: For the tag board script, which HoL modified slightly.
Emma: For hosting our forum.
Harmony Alley Members: Thanks to all of the members who have contributed to this site by donating and just playing.