Harmony Alley


Before you read these, please make sure you've read the first few sections on the about page.

  • NO CHEATING - We hope to have no trouble with this as the whole purpose of a TCG is to have fun and cheating is definitely not fun. If you are found to be cheating, you will be immediately removed from the TCG and will not be allowed to join ever again. This is your only warning.
  • ONLY SIGN UP ONCE - You may not sign up multiple times with different names/emails to gain more cards. This would be constituted as cheating and cause for immediate removal.
  • YOU MUST HAVE A TRADING PAGE - In order to be a member of this TCG and participate in games and contests, you MUST have a trading page which holds all of your cards, your log, and the other items listed on the about page. For trading page examples, please check out the members page.
  • NO DIRECT LINKING - Please upload all cards, badges, and other images to your own server. If you are found to be direct linking (and we will be checking periodically), you will receive one warning with a time frame to fix the problem. If you do not fix the problem, you will be removed from the TCG.
  • DON'T KEEP TRADED CARDS - It's very important to remember to remove cards you've traded to other players as soon as you put up the cards you received from them. Once you've traded a card, it is no longer yours. You could attempt to trade it back to the person you got it from, but they will not have to accept.
  • PLAY NICE - Be nice to everyone here at the TCG. If you propose a trade with someone and they reply saying they're not interested (please be nice when doing this as well), do not be rude, they don't have to trade if they don't want to; don't expect them to accept any or every trade you offer.
  • IT'S CALLED A TRADING GAME, AFTER ALL - You certainly want to try and trade for cards that you're trying to collect, but sometimes, you might want to accept a trade for a card you don't particularly want. If someone offers to trade you a card that you don't particularly want for one you had up as willing to trade for anything, it might be a good idea. Doing so can sometimes allow you to get cards that you can then use to trade with others for cards you DO want. It's good to trade, that's part of the game, but still remember that you never have to agree to a trade if you don't want to.
  • YOU LIKE BSB, RIGHT? - Since this is a Backstreet Boys TCG, we would hope you do. ;) For an extra card in your starter's pack put, "It's all about the chair dance" in the comments field on the join form.

Please make sure to get your cards on your trading page within a week of receiving your starter's pack via e-mail. Also please make sure to reply back to us when your trading page is up with cards on it so that we can move you onto the active members list.

Now that you have read the rules, and if you are willing to follow them all, please Join.