Harmony Alley

Trade Pot

Below you will find some random cards. You may trade one of your cards for one of the cards in the trade pot below. However, these RULES apply:

  • You may only make one trade with the trade pot per week (that's once every 7 days at the most).
  • You must note the trade in your log.
  • Trading with the trade pot does NOT count toward your stamp card.
  • You may NOT trade a card to the pot if there is another card from that deck already in it. EX: If tvguide04 is in the trade pot and you have tvguide08 (or any other tvguide card), you may NOT trade it. You will have to offer a different card instead.
  • The card you are trading must be the same value as the card you want from the pot.
  • To make a trade, fill out the form below completely. Make sure you select the correct cards/numbers!

The Pot

anywhere02 briansolo10 earlydays08 howiescrib11 iwantitthatway08 kevinandnick18 littrellfamily08 lotharlange16 ninetieshowie17 soloshoot03

Make A Trade

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Please push SUBMIT only ONCE. Thank you.

Recent Trades

Becky traded howiescrib11 for anightout10 on 04/26
Sheeda traded anywhere02 for istill14 on 04/15
Sheeda traded lotharlange16 for blakelittle06 on 04/27