Harmony Alley

Tickets & Passes

Harmony Alley uses tickets and passes for currency. Below you will find images of each and their worth. REMEMBER: These are for viewing purposes only. Do NOT take and add to your collection.


Upper Level Ticket
Upper Level Ticket - Worth 1 Point

Lower Level Ticket
Lower Level Ticket - Worth 5 Points

Floor Ticket
Floor Ticket - Worth 10 Points

Tickets can be used to purchase items from the Store as well as raffle tickets and other items.


V.I.P. Pass
V.I.P. Pass - ONE Choice Regular Card

All Access Pass
All Access Pass - ONE Choice Special Card

Passes can be traded in on your own with no need to e-mail us or fill out a form. Simply remove the pass from your page, put up your choice card, and write it down in your trade log. Also, remember that regular cards are those that are worth 1 while special is worth 2.