Harmony Alley

Stamp Cards

Stamp cards are a fun way for us to encourage trading here at Harmony Alley. Each time you make a trade, you can mark off a box on your stamp card. Once your stamp card is full, you get prizes. Please read this full page before putting a stamp card on your site.


  • Having a Stamp Card does NOT mean you don't write your trades in your log. You must ALWAYS write who you've traded with and the cards you traded in your log.
  • Trading member cards with another player does NOT count as a trade for your Stamp Card. If you trade other cards along with the member cards, then it counts.
  • Effective 4/7/10: Multiple trades with the same person on the same day may now be counted as individual trades. Due to the small number players, this will allow you to fill up your stamp card faster. (Subject to change without notice.)
  • You must have had 12 qualifying trades (as described above) for your Stamp Card to be full.
  • You do not need to edit your card every time you trade with someone; you can do it all at once at the end if you like, just make sure you keep track (as you should be doing in your trading log anyway).
  • You must keep your finished stamp card for at least two weeks after completing it and receiving your prizes so that the admins can verify that you successfully (and properly) completed it.

If you are unsure about any of the guidelines, please contact us BEFORE taking a Stamp Card, and we will do our best to clarify it for you.


When you have completed a Stamp Card (12 seperate trades), there is no need to send it in to us. Simply write in your log that it was completed, make sure to keep the completed Stamp Card for a while as defined by the guidelines above, and take the following. Make sure you write what you take in your log and that you got them for completing a stamp card.

You may take either:
TWO cards that are each worth 1
ONE card that is worth 2

Stamp Cards

Please take one of the Stamp Cards below after you have read the guidelines above. You may use one of the tiny gif markers provided, make your own markers, or just fill in the boxes when a trade is made.

Marker Marker
(^Feel free to change the colors on these.)

Stamp Card Stamp Card Stamp Card Stamp Card Stamp Card Stamp Card Stamp Card Stamp Card