Harmony Alley

Random Freebie

Once per round you get a free random REGULAR card. All you have to do is click the link below and grab the card it gives you on the next page. Remember though:

  • You can only get ONE random card PER ROUND.
  • A "round" is NOT everyday. Nor is it every few days. Check the number above the link to pick up your card below for the current round. If you've already gotten a card from this round, do NOT take another. Wait until the next round (which will also be announced in the updates) before you take another card.
  • I use a script to randomly pick out a card. The card that shows up is the card you get. DO NOT REFRESH THE PAGE UNTIL IT SPITS OUT THE CARD YOU WANT! You get what you get, so be happy about it.
  • You only get ONE copy of this card. You cannot save it over and over again, and if you trade it away you cannot come back for a new random card unless there is a new round in progress.

Good? Good.

Round 3

Get Your Card Here!