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Member Cards

Like most TCGs, here at Harmony Alley you can create your own member card! They're not worth anything (they do not, in any way, count toward your total cards or total card worth), but they're fun to have and trade with other members! Below are some guidelines to creating your own Harmony Alley member card as well as the card template. And, if you scroll further down, you'll see all of the current member cards that other members have created.


  • You MUST use the template below. You may NOT use any other template, nor may you change the size of it, etc.
  • You may, however, edit the template adding colors and your name, etc. Just do not remove anything from the template. (See below for examples.)
  • There MUST be a Backstreet Boys related picture on your member card. The group, any of the Boys, wives, Aaron even. However, you may not use a picture of the Littrell's son unless it is one with his parents in it as well--out of respect for them.
  • It can be animated if you wish, but try not to let the file size get too out of control. :)
  • Please save your member card as a GIF with the filename: yourname.gif
  • You never run out of your member card; in other words, trade it with as many other members as you'd like.
  • Trading member cards does NOT count toward your stamp card. If you trade regular cards along with it, then it does, but not if all you're trading is member cards.
  • However, you can master a set of member cards. When you collect 10 cards, fill out a mastered form just like with any other deck and you will receive your rewards. Your own member card does count in your original 10 (so you cannot also count it when you are trying to get to 20 member cards to master it again). Back in the day it used to be 20 cards in order to master, but since we only have a small number of members, we're going to make it a little easier.
  • If you'd like to trade your member card with someone, just e-mail them and offer. Most members will say yes, but please do not push if they say no for some reason. Also, you may only trade member cards with members who have them made.
  • Again, your member card is worth 0 (ZERO).
  • Don't forget to put the name you use here at Harmony Alley on your member card. Not your nickname, not your Forum name. Please and thank you!
  • Have fun!
  • Oh! P.S. You get a random card when you submit your member card! ;)

Member Card Template

Member Card Template

Submit Your Member Card

Now that your member card is created, please upload it to your own server or an image hosting service. Then, fill out the form below. Do NOT use this form if you have already submitted a member card! Instead, use the Edit Your Info form on the Forms page.

E-mail Address:


Member Card URL
(Make sure you put in the FULL URL, including http://):

Please push "submit" only ONCE. Thank you.

Current Member Cards

Below are all the member cards currently submitted to Harmony Alley. Click on a card to view the member's profile.