Harmony Alley


There are three sets of games for you to play listed below. Make sure you only play and collect prizes ONCE per round. The current round for all the games in a given set is in italics next to the name of the game set.

Interview Games (4/30/10) - Round 4

Remember Me
Lyrics Scramble
Guess The Video
Guess The Card
Easy Trivia
Word Scramble
What Year?
Missing Letters
Broken Quote

Rehearsal Games (5/16/10) - Round 4

Puzzle Pieces
Name That Song
Who Said That?
Difficult Trivia
Puzzle Card
Thinking of A Number
Video Puzzle
Missing CD

Concert Games (5/24/10) - Round 4

Random Freebie
Choose a Suite
Guess the Affiliate
Broken Card
Crossword Puzzle
Spot the Differences!

Encore Games - (6/3/10) - Round 4

Instant Lottery
Blend Puzzle
Find Nick
Lyric Puzzle NEW!

Ongoing Games

Lotto Updated 5/11/10!
Bingo (Coming back soon!)
Forum Raffle Updated!
Complete The Deck Updated!


Tickets & Passes
Member Cards
Stamp Cards
Trade Pot Updated!
Double Trade Updated!