Harmony Alley

Harmony Alley Bingo

Bingo is so much fun, especially when it involves pictures of the Backstreet Boys, their albums, and them individually. Save the card below and add 24 different tiles (being careful not to fill the "free" space!) to it before displaying it on your trading post. Once you have made a match, use a graphics program to visibly mark off the matched tiles.

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Here's what you can win:
Line (Horizontal, Diagonal, Vertical):
two regular cards of choice, two random cards, and a lower level ticket
Four Corners:
three random cards
Outside Frame:
two regular cards of choice and a very special random Millennium Ad card worth 4

* Once you have claimed any of these, you may still play with the same card (ex. you receive prizes for matching the four outside corners, but later get a vertical line, which eventually becomes an outside frame) to earn more prizes.

New Round! 4/27: eligible for today's squares - Rachael, Otherdeb, Jinnie, Carrie, Becky. Cards submitted now will be able to start with the next set of squares called.

Bingo Tiles for April 27:

Bingo Tiles for April 14:

Bingo Tiles for March 21:

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Once you have your chosen the blocks for your bingo card and uploaded to your server or an image hosting service, please fill out the form below.

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Call Bingo! Form

If you have matched tiles from the latest drawing (and you had your card submitted beforehand), please fill out the form below to claim your prizes. Make sure the bingo card you submit has all the tiles you have matched marked off!

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