Harmony Alley


One of the ways to earn cards here at Harmony Alley is by donating. However, we're not asking for money, we're asking for to open up your favorite graphics program and create level badges and link buttons; also to collect pictures for new card decks and send them to us. Below are requirements for each kind of donation. Please read them carefully before donating as if you do not follow the requirements we will not be able to accept your donations and you will not receive cards or other rewards.

Level Badges

Make a set of 14 level badges. There must be one for each of the levels below and they can be no larger than 250x150 pixels (please make all 14 badges the same size). You may only submit ONE set of fourteen badges per month. Also, make sure to save them in .gif or .jpg format only and label them in lowercase with your name first, then the month in three letters, the year in two, an underscore and then the level number, ie. samnov06_1.gif. The badges must also have Harmony Alley or Harmony Alley TCG and the name (or number) of the level somewhere on them. It should be easy to read the text.

Level 1 - Talent
Level 2 - Practice
Level 3 - Lyric
Level 4 - Vocal
Level 5 - Instrument
Level 6 - Song
Level 7 - Studio
Level 8 - Dance
Level 9 - Video
Level 10 - Album
Level 11 - Tour
Level 12 - Gold
Level 13 - Platinum
Level 14 - International

Once you've finished making the badges, please put them in a ZIP file and send them to us with the subject: Level Badges.

You will receive a VIP Pass and two random cards for donating level badges.

Link Buttons

Make a set of two link buttons for Harmony Alley. They must be 88x31 and/or 100x35 in size and have a Backstreet Boys-related picture on them (of course). Save them as .gif or .jpg please and label them in the following format: name and then the number of that button (01, 05, 10, 20, etc.), ie. aceetha01.gif; please keep track of the numbers yourself as you continue to submit link buttons in later months--your first month will be 01 and 02, second 03 and 04, etc. You may submit two buttons per month. You can submit one of each size or they can both be the same size; you may choose which you prefer. They must also say Harmony Alley or Harmony Alley TCG somewhere on them and it must be easy to read.

Once you've finished making the link buttons, please send them to us with the subject: Link Buttons.

You will receive a UL Ticket and a random card for donating link buttons.

Deck Pictures

If you have an idea for a new card deck and would like to send us pictures for it, please review the guidelines below.

  • Make sure to check with us FIRST before you start collecting pictures to make sure that someone else is not already collecting the same pictures.
  • If you've been given the go-ahead to collect pictures, please make sure they are of good quality. There is a certain amount that we can do to make pictures look nicer when we make the decks, but we are not miracle workers. lol
  • Please send us 20-30 pictures for the deck. If we have told you (or your suggested) that it will be a special deck, then you only need to send 10-20 pictures.
  • DO NOT re-size the pictures! We will do that as we make the deck. Thank you.
  • Please send us the pictures in a ZIP file.

For donating pictures for a new deck, you will receive: 2 cards from the new deck, two random cards and an LL Ticket. Please note, your rewards for donating deck pictures will NOT be sent until the deck has been made, which may take a few weeks.

Planned Decks (We need pictures for these.)

  • A Night Out w/ BSB (group and individual)
  • Homecoming: Live in Orlando (group and individual)
  • Nick on Punk'd
  • Howie and Leigh (I only need 4 more pics for this one)
  • BSB Wives (I have some, but could use more!)
  • recent photo shoots

Lastly, you can check the 'Donations' thread at the forum for claimed decks and suggestions. Thanks!