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August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Howie!

Today the adorable Howie D turns 35! In his honor, take three regular cards that feature Howie (no more than two from any one deck please), one special card that features Howie, and this VIP Pass:

Games: Concert Games have been updated

Masters: Michelle (tvguide, sears); Noora (TV G AJ)
Left: Kari

Thank you to those who responded to my gasping cry for help! I am getting help with the games and the cards, so we'll be getting back on track very soon.

♥ Becky

August 16, 2008

Help Wanted

It's time for me to cry 'uncle' and and ask for help. Due to real life, it's becoming harder and harder for me to keep up. We're losing members, and I don't want to close because I fought too hard to help Harmony Alley remain open. I'm posting some things below and if anything grabs you as something you'd be willing to do, please write to me and we'll talk.

Card Makers: I need people experienced with either Photoshop or with Paint Shop Pro. I say experienced, because the card templates make extensive use of layers. Making cards also means finding the images to use for the decks. Making the cards for HA is the most difficult thing to do due to the template and the search time involved.
Image Donors: I need images for new decks. Regular decks are 20 cards, so we need between 22-25 in order to choose the best ones. Special decks are 10 cards and should have a unique theme. As with the regular decks, a few extra images (12-15) is great unless they are really unique and there are 10 excellent quality images. If you can come up with an idea for a deck and can donate the images, we'll make it!
Games: I don't mind doing the uploading, and I'm pretty anal about that anyway, but if there were 1 or 2 people that would be willing to "manage" a set of games, it would be great. This would involve finding pics to use for puzzles and/or doing a set of questions and answers for trivia, etc. Whatever your assigned level is, that would be your responsibility.

If we had a few people that could help with this, then I'd be thrilled to be able to get back to the place where I could set a regular day for updates.

Masters: Kari (bbtour, kevandkristin); Ilse (smile)
Left: Raiza, SamD

If you've read this far, take THREE regular cards of choice (no more than two from any one deck), and TWO special cards of your choice (each from a different deck, please.)

You may use the contact form, harmony.alley@gmail.com, or my personal email (rb.olsen@gmail.com).

♥ Becky

August 8, 2008

Happy Friday!

 Special Freebies: Because today is a special day, 08-08-08, take THREE number 08 cards, all from different decks please. Also take ONE special number 08 card!

 Masters: Noora (Now Or Never)
 Left: Kriss

♥ Becky

August 6, 2008

I'll Be The One ...

 Games: Encore games have been updated; Lotto numbers have been called
 Sidebar Freebies: Take 2 cards and log them
 Freebies: August Freebies are up in the Forum
 Masters: Loey (Nineties Howie) ; Michelle (allihavetogive); Noora (Never Gone, Nineties Kevin, Phantom); Rainey (elemental)
 Left: Kriss

♥ Becky

August 3, 2008

Birthday weekend!

This past Friday was my daughter's 12th birthday, so we're up to our eyeballs in family gatherings. I have a better update planned for early in the week, but for now have some freebies!

Take a regular #1 and #8 card, as well as a #12. All may be from the same deck. Also take all of the items below!

Off to reply to level ups and masters, names will be posted in the next update. :)

♥ Becky

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