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July 29, 2008

New deck!

One new deck today, stills of BSB's reunion appearance on Oprah, 12-10-2003. Take TWO cards.

BSB on Oprah

♥ Becky

July 28, 2008

Fun and Games

 Games: Interview Games are now in Round 12. Have fun!
 Masters: Chris (tvgaj), Noora (AJ and Nick), Loey (today closeup, Howie and Kevin). Great job!

Good news, I found my file of "Oprah" and have taken the caps I need for the new deck. I'll have it for you in the next update, hopefully tomorrow.

♥ Becky

July 18, 2008

'Nother update!

 Games: Rehearsal Games have been updated. Have fun!
 Masters: Chris (Chicago). Way to go!
 Level up:Chris, level 4

♥ Becky

July 17, 2008

Hooray for updates!

Games: Concert Games have been updated. Have fun!
Masters: Mericia (N.C. Racing, I Still, Everybody), Noora (Quit Playing Games), Raiza (ncracing), Pam (Photoshoot by Nick Baratta). Congrats!

Look for another game update tomorrow in one of the other levels.

♥ Becky

July 8, 2008

Can you stand one more update? I promise I'm done for a while. *g*

New Skin: We have a third skin for the site now, it matches the layout of the forum. Go here to take a look! In honor of my meager little success, you may take the following Limited Edition Card, worth THREE points.

New Special Deck (worth 2): Nick's Tattoos! Thanks to Pat for donating the images! If you have received your starter pack by today, you may take ONE card.

Nick's Tattoos

Level Up: Noora, level 8
Masters: Michelle (puzz-unbreakable), Noora (Show Me The Meaning), Ilse (Hundred Hours)

♥ Becky

July 6, 2008

On a roll!

 Games: Encore Games have been updated.
 Level Up: Raiza, level 9
 Masters: Michelle (georgeholz), Mericia (Now Or Never Puzzle, Early Days), Raiza (ajscrib)


I'm working on a new deck in spite of my meds (whee!) and a new skin for the site. I'm having trouble with that though, so if any of you can answer a question for me please take a look in the forum. Thanks!

♥ Becky

July 5, 2008

Happy Saturday!

New: Check out the sidebar for a new item! Sidebar freebies will be posted from time to time, take two cards and log them. :)
Freebies: July Freebies are up in the forum
MORE Freebies: This past Thursday was Mason Richardson's first birthday! In his honor, take one card for each letter in his name, M-A-S-O-N, no more than two cards from one deck please.

New Affiliate: Along the Street

Along the Street

♥ Becky

July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

In honor of this special day, please take the event card below (worth 3 points).

Level Ups: Rainey (level 7)
Masters: SamD (100 Hours Tour, Brian and Nick, Elemental, Nick Baratta), Mericia (George Holz, BSB Project), Rainey (brianandnick, jwrcalendar), Noora (Shape of My Heart), Michelle (ajroxy)

♥ Becky

July 3, 2008

Wheee! A very small update and a note from home.

Dear Harmony Alley,
Please excuse Becky's lack of updates this week. She did something to her neck on Sunday and since then has been virtually incapable of turning her head to the left, and very little to the right. *sigh*


Anyway, I finally was able to see my doctor this morning (he was out of town, great timing) and am now residing in the lovely land of muscle relaxants. I hope to make a bigger update later in the weekend, but for now please have some freebies.

 Freebies: Take three regular cards of choice (only two may be from the same deck), two special 2 point cards (different decks, please), and two puzzle cards of your choice.

P.S. No, I haven't checked the mail or masters/level ups. I promise to get to that as soon as I can see straight again. LOL

♥ Becky

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