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June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!
I don't think we have any dads who are members, but we know that Brian and Kevin are celebrating today. In their honor and in honor of all dads, take this holiday card worth three points.

Also, take three cards that contain the letters D-A-D. They may all be from the same deck.

 New Masters: Becky (puzz-chapterone, brian solo, B & B Tour)
 Level Up: Becky

♥ Becky

June 11, 2008

So much for a new deck. I had one halfway done when I realized that it had already been made. *head/desk* LOL

Games: Interview Games are updated
New Masters: Kari(brianandkevin), Pam (puzz-unbreakable, Mark Seliger)
Quit: Emma
Oops! Please replace your Mother's Day card with this one:

If you're new and didn't get this one, go ahead and take it now. :)

♥ Becky

June 6, 2008

Friday, yay!

 Freebies: June Freebies are up in the Forum
 Games: Free for All, claimed cards have been removed

♥ Becky

June 4, 2008

Testing, testing! Somewhat of a different look to the updates today. Home from work with a recovering child, so I can play just a bit. :)

 Games: Rehearsal Games are updated
 New Masters: Michelle (puzz-barcelona), Pam (incomplete), Ilse (incomplete)
 Help Wanted: I did some thinking, and this is what I need. I could really use some suggestions for the non-graphic games. By this I mean: trivia info (easy & difficult), word scramble, hangman, missing letters, broken quote, who said that, and theme ideas for the crossword puzzle. If I had a list of things I could pull from when I update the games it would literally save me hours. If you're interested in helping out and getting some freebies in return, just email me your suggestions. Thanks bunches!

Speaking of freebies, here!

♥ Becky

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