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April 30, 2010

April Showers ...

Bring May flowers! Can you believe it's almost May? I can't. Some goodies for you below!

 New Decks:  Nineties AJ and Drowning! Take two cards from each deck and log them.

 Games: Interview Games are now in Round 4.

 Freebies: Sidebar Freebies are new today.

 Forum: Talk to Me! Pop on over to the forum and let's chat! This is a random conversation thread, it can be about anything.

No Level Up or Masters this week. Come on, everybody! Get out there and TRADE!

♥ Becky

April 26, 2010

Monday, Monday ...

Busy weekend! Aside from the normal running around, I was up to my eyebrows in PHP code, trying to get Seattle Grace up and running again. Almost there, but not quite.

 Forum Stuff

Just a couple of reminders ... I'd really like to start the Forum Raffle, but as far as I know there are only two members playing: Pam and Sheeda. I'm not playing, because I think it gives me an unfair advantage, so if you want to play please go here, grab your card, and leave a comment. You must be a member of the forum to play and it only takes a minute to join.

Speaking of the forum, you can earn Post Points and Exposure Points by playing the games over there and participating in the discussion threads. Points can be exchanged for freebies, so go! Join!

Complete the Deck - If it has been more than five days since you posted a card, and no one else has posted, you may post again. The same thing applies to the Trade Pot.

If you're still with me, you may take one choice card for your collecting deck.

♥ Becky

April 20, 2010

Congrats, Boys!

Happy Backstreet Day! It was 17 years ago that this insanity began. In honor of this occasion, take the Limited Edition card below, worth 3 points!

Also take these passes:  

 New Decks: Two new decks today! Straight Through My Heart and Inconsolable. Take 2 cards from each and don't forget to log them.

 Trades: Multiple trades with the same person on the same day may now be counted as individual trades. Due to the small number players, this will allow you to fill up your stamp card faster, and it's all about the cards! This is retroactive back to April 7 when we reopened, so go adjust your trade cards if need be.

 Sidebar Freebies: Updated!

 Masters: Sheeda (Arthur, 'Unbreakable' Puzzle); Becky (Kevin and Nick). Woohoo!

♥ Becky

April 16, 2010


Happy Weekend! We have newly updated games for today.

 Concert Games: Round 3

 Ongoing Games: Updated except for Bingo, that will happen next Friday. Please get your new cards up and let me know!

 Extras: There is a new round in the Trade Pot, and there is a place to trade in your duplicates.

 Masters: Sheeda (Kevin Punkd); Pam (Incomplete). Great job!

I have a new special deck in the making, and will be adding back in a couple of the old decks soon, as well. Happy Trading!

♥ Becky

April 15, 2010

Tax Day! Eek!

Playing at Harmony Alley is certainly more fun than dealing with income taxes.

 Forum Games: Forum Raffle will be starting up again soon, after I check to see who is active again. If you need another Forum Raffle Card, let me know. I have them all saved and I can send it to you. Your Raffle ID number is your member number here at HA, to make it simpler. Please add it to your signature over at the Forum. Numbers are called by a randomizer script, and to make it fair, I won't be playing.

EDIT: I have re-made the raffle cards and will post them all at the forum. Please save your card from there and upload it to your server. Thanks!

 Lottery, Bingo: New lottery numbers will be called in this next game update. You may use your old card for this round. After prizes are awarded, I will ask that you either make a new card and send me the link, or let me know that you will be using your old card. Bingo will be starting from scratch. You may use your old card (cleared, of course!) or submit a new one. Let me hear from you!

 Member Cards: Member cards are tradeable! Go here to download the template and then again to submit it to the site.

 Level Up: Sheeda (level 4). Way to go!

I think that's all for now. I'll be working on the game updates so that I can have Round 3 of the Concert Games ready for tomorrow. If you've read this far, in honor of Tax Day, take two regular cards of your choice: a number 04 and a number 15, from different decks please. See you tomorrow!

♥ Becky

April 12, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things

It's certainly nice seeing member starting to come back and play again. If anyone needs help with knowing what decks you had mastered, it should be on the member link over to the right or you can let me know and I'll look it up for you.

We have a new Forum Game to play: Complete The Deck!. Come on over and submit a card from the "Incomplete" deck.

New Deck! This Is Us Puzzle! Take one card and log it.

 Level Up: Sheeda (level 3); Pam (level 4)

 Masters: Sheeda (Everybody; Incomplete)

Congrats everyone!

♥ Becky

April 9, 2010


Once again our forums are being hosted by Emma and we're up and running. The main forum link is over on the sidebar, and there are some great discussion threads and ways to earn points for posting! As we get back into it, you will be able to redeem those points for rewards. Here is the link to the main forum: Exposure Forums.

There are currently two threads going in the Harmony Alley section, the April Freebies and Wish Lists! Come on over and play. :)

 April Freebies

 Wish Lists

EDIT: Knock on wood, I think my email problem has been fixed!
Email Issues: I am still unable to reply to forms (master, level up, join, etc.) but they are semi-working. You can submit your information as usual and I can click to make the changes, but I will be sending your rewards manually. I need to go into the database at the server, retrieve the info and then send it to you. Several extra steps, but it's a work-around for now. I think I know where the problem is and I'm working on it.

Lastly, since today is April 9 (4/9) take a regular (1pt) #4 and #9 card. They may not be from the same deck.

♥ Becky

April 7, 2010

This Is Us!

And we're back again! Thanks to a well-timed push in the right direction, I have decided to try this again. I've added some new decks that weren't there when we went on hiatus, I've updated some of the games, and I'm going to get busy on other stuff too. You should have received an email from me by now, and if you haven't please check to see that your correct email address is in the Harmony Alley database.

NEW CARDS! You may take 1 card from the 2 point deck. You may take a total of 10 cards from the 1 point decks, but no more than 3 cards from any one deck.

New Decks (1 pt.): I Still, Nick and Aaron, Solo Shoot - AJ, Malibu Beach

New Deck (2 pt.): Phantom

Games: Interview Games and Rehearsal Games are now in Round 3.

Sidebar Freebies: Take 2 cards and log them.

Birthdays: If you have already had your birthday from January 1, 2010 until now, you may go ahead and take your birthday rewards. Please log them on your trading page.

Trades: You may keep your most recent trade card and continue to add to it.

I will be going through the site page by page over the next few days and looking for errors and things that need to be changed. Please bear with me, and most of all? Have fun!

♥ Becky

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