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April 29, 2008

Free For All

Round 10 of Free for All has been posted! This is the beginning of HoL's cards, and there are many more in reserve for still another several rounds. Please read the rules carefully, there is a new total claim amount for this round.

New Masters, congrats!

Alexandria (AJ & Howie)
Kriss (George Holz)
Noora (mark seliger, nineties aj, The One)

♥ Becky

April 22, 2008

Out of Town

Just a head's up, I'm going out of town early tomorrow morning and won't be back online until probably Saturday morning. I'm chaperoning my daughter's class trip to Washington DC.

Take care and I'll catch you on the weekend!

♥ Becky

April 20, 2008


It's hard to believe, but it's been fifteen years since the Backstreet Boys were formed.

In their honor take the following cards:

Take this Event Card, worth two points.

Also take THREE #15 cards from the GROUP section on the cards page.


Alexandria (drowning)
Raiza (puzz-unbreakable)
Pam (nineties nick, JWR calendar)

Way to go!

♥ Becky

April 18, 2008


New decks today and a bit of sad news. It is with sadness that we say goodbye to HoL, our Number 1 member. Literally, in the database she is member number one. *g* She has decided to say farewell to tcgs, but I have invited her to stay around at the forum and just drop in to chat. I can't say enough about what she has meant to me. Harmony Alley was the very first tcg I ever encountered and I was immediately drawn in and never looked back. She entrusted me with keeping HA going and has been there for all of my silly questions and has just been a godsend for me. I know I speak for everyone here when I say that she will be missed, but that we wish her well in all that lies ahead for her.

In her honor take the following cards:

One card for each of the letters in her name, H-O-L (either the deck name or the name on the card itself, all can be from the same deck if you wish). A number 1 regular card and a number 1 special card. Also take the items below:


One card from the Millennium Ad deck.


Two new special decks today! Take one card from each deck

AJ's Tattoos

Thanks to those who contributed pics! Your rewards will be sent out tonight.


Games and Free For All will be updated over the weekend, possibly as soon as tonight.

♥ Becky

April 12, 2008


Rehearsal Games are now in Round nine.


One new affiliate today! World of Our Own, a Westlife TCG

World of Our own


I think everything has been answered, heading to the forum in a few.


The master badge page is working now. It helps if you upload the correct version, yes? Thanks to Ilse for letting me know! :)

You guys are the best. Thanks for putting up with me. :)

♥ Becky

April 9, 2008


Oh my goodness. I think I've forgotten how tiring it is to use my mind for something other than tcgs. Anyway, I started my new job this week. It's going well and I'm enjoying it! I don't think I said, but I'm now a proofreader/copy editor for a small music publishing company.


One new affiliate today! Mars Investigations, run by our own Jamie!

Mars Investigations



Ilse (Just Want You To Know)
Kriss (Vampire)


In honor of my new job and to make up for no significant updates this week, take a card for each letter in W-O-R-K, all from different decks please.


I'll get to my mail tonight, probably after choir practice if I'm still conscious. *g*

ps... crossposting parts of this to my other tcgs. lol.

♥ Becky

April 6, 2008

HI HO, HI HO ...

It's back to work I go! I start my new job tomorrow, and I'm both excited and a bit nervous. Anyway, I'd wanted to do more updating this weekend but it was packed full of family things. Our oldest son just bought his first place and we spent a ton of time down with him helping do some painting and other stuff to help him get ready to move in. It was a nice mental health break for me though, to take a step away from my pc, lol.

Have a great day tomorrow, and I'll check in and let you know how it went. In the meantime, have a gift. Take this VIP pass and ticket.



Way to go!

Raiza (arthur)
Mericia (Today Show Summer Closeups)
Kriss (Young AJ)

♥ Becky

April 3, 2008


Thanks to HoL, I have something to update about!

Two new puzzle decks today, the covers from Brian and Nick's solo albums! If you have received your starter pack by today, you may take two cards from each deck. From one deck, take two EVEN numbered cards. From the other deck take two ODD numbered cards.

Welcome Home
Now Or Never


We have new masters!

HoL (AJ and Kevin, AJ and Howie)
Ilse (Young Howie)
Michelle (norornever)
Kriss (AJ and Kevin)


Thanks to everyone who offered their help at the forums! I went with the first two applicants and am keeping all the rest of you in my special file for later. ;)

Kriss is going to be handling the rewards for Forum Raffle, and Pam is going to be updating Complete the Deck as cards are submitted, and handling the rewards.

More stuff this weekend before I head back to work. See you then!

♥ Becky

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