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February 28, 2009

Two new regular (1 pt.) decks tonight!

Thanks to Aceetha for the donations, we have the first two decks from the "Homecoming" Special!

First off, AJ's solo "Lay Down Beside Me" and
Nick's solo "I Need You Tonight".

If you have received your starter pack by today, take two cards from each deck!

I'm working on the next set of games, recoding them to PHP from TCG Admin, and will have those up in a day or two. Also, I'll be calling raffle numbers at the same time. You must have your starter pack up to be in the first round.

Tomorrow is the last day of our modified re-join/pre-join. If you have received your starter pack up through tomorrow (March 1) you may take cards from ALL of the updates since our Grand Re-opening!

♥ Becky

February 22, 2009

Are we having fun yet?!

Ta daa! Our first Special, 2 point decks!

First off, Nick's photoshoot for People Magazine.
Next, screen caps from the Boys' appearance on the PBS network show Arthur.

If you have received your starter pack by today, take one card from each deck!

Please chack out the Donation page. We currently have all of the original buttons, badges and trade cards, but if you'd like to earn some cards feel free to offer some new ones!

♥ Becky

February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Brian!

In all the excitement yesterday, I forgot to post about Brian. He's 34 now!

In his honor, take 1 card that features Brian, also take the Floor Level ticket below, and a #3 and #4 card from different decks.

Don't forget to let me know when you have your starter pack up. :)

EDIT: I have to do some maintenance and re-load the portrait-sized decks. Don't panic if something's missing for a few. :)

EDIT2: All fixed. :)

♥ Becky

February 20, 2009

Grand Re-Opening!

Welcome to Harmony Alley! We are officially open for business and ready to take on new members! Most everything is ready for you, and I'll be getting the forums set up over the weekend.

Once you have received your starter pack you may play the first level of games that have been posted. As before, a new set will be added/updated each week, as well as ongoing activities in the forum. Make sure you join there too, so that you can participate in our activities and earn points toward even more cards!

Everyone who joins between today and March 1 may take the limited edition Grand Opening card below, worth 3 points.

♥ Becky

February 16, 2009

Moving along

The decision has been made to start all over again, from scratch. I will be wiping the member database clean sometime soon, and anyone wishing to stay will need to submit a new join form. The email replies I received were overwhelmingly in favor of this, and I'm excited about Harmony Alley all over again!

Right now, I'm spending time tweaking some of the basic pages, saving information that needs to be saved (to save me time and headaches later on), and making sure the starting decks are ready to go. I've changed the card pages so that the master badge will be right there on that same page (should you choose to collect them, but as before, they are optional). I'm also tweaking the game pages so that a randomizer will be used for prizes. That way everyone sees different cards when they win.

Many things will stay the same, because if they aren't broke? I'm not messing with them. HoL, Aceetha, and Sam did a fabulous job of setting this up and I will be forever grateful.

I'm copying this to a group email. and will email current members again just before I wipe the members list clean. You can always reach me at harmony.alley@gmail.com.

Take care, and stay tuned!

♥ Becky

February 12, 2009

Decisions, decisions ...

I have sent a letter to all current members concerning the status of Harmony Alley. Please check your email, and if for some reason you didn't receive it or have changed your email address from what I have in the data base, please write to me using the General Contact Form on our Forms page.

In a nutshell, I am considering re-opening Harmony Alley and possibly starting everyone back at Level 1. Please check your email, read the details, and let me know what you think.


♥ Becky

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