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February 27, 2007

If you receive an UL ticket from Choose a Suite but instead get referred to a bad link or an image of a little silver disc-like thing with a number on it, please ignore this and take a UL ticket instead. The script was used in HoL's Stargate TCG previously (which accounts for the little token and the link that is not a part of our site) and I don't know how to change the prizes so this is the best I can do. Sorry for the inconvenience! FIXED!

Congratulations to our latest master, Noelle (georgeholz). I'm pretty sure someone else mastered premieres but wrote down the wrong name. So good job to you too, and sorry!

We are working on creating a way to better communicate with you and to let you interact even more with other members through a forum or another kind of communication medium. Please bear with us - we know it's difficult without a comments system or a tagboard, but we are trying to fix this! :)

February 26, 2007

Concert Games are now in round 2. Have fun!

February 24, 2007

Congratulations to our newest masters: Michelle (nevergone), Mette (artz), Pat (tvgaj), and Carrie (howiescrib). Also, of course, good work to those that have mastered the first set of member cards in the last few days.

Two new Brian-related sets! Woohoo! I just uploaded the decks for Malibu Beach and Welcome Home, which are pictures of Brian and Leighanne on the beach and stills from Brian's first music video, respectively.

Everyone may take one from each row below, as long as you have received your starter pack before this date. Enjoy!

I think I may just sit here and stare at them for a little while... maybe my essay will just write itself! :)

February 23, 2007

Congratulations to our newest masters: Tas (fakeidclub), Mette (brian-solo), Amyy (dreams), Loey (markseliger), Noelle (tkennedy), Kriss (phantom - first person to master a special card deck!), Becky (tvguide), and Wendy (makingsomh)!

Emma's new 88x31 link buttons are up. Also, the Lottery numbers for the next week have been called, and the next group of Bingo tiles have been posted. I figured I may as well give you guys the weekend to check for matches rather than post them on Monday like I did last week! Also, just so we're clear, you do not have to choose different numbers every week for the lottery. If you want to, you're more than welcome, but don't feel obligated. Good luck!

Edit: I have just changed the scripting used for the Level Up and Mastered forms. You will no longer receive your rewards immediately. Please allow a few days to a week or a little longer (it's okay, Sam won't leave you hanging that long!) and do NOT re-submit your form. Also, if you have any problems, please fill out the contact form to let us know so I can change it.

February 22, 2007

More new decks today! :D Provided you have received your starter's pack by today, you may take a total of 8 cards from the following decks with NO MORE than 2 from any single deck.

Photoshoot by George Holz
Photoshoot by Frank Lothar Lange
Nineties AJ
Nineties Brian
Nineties Howie
Nineties Kevin

Also, a little note that Maidel and Katta have left the TCG; so, if you have any pending trades with them, you should remove those.

February 21, 2007

Congrats to HoL for mastering tvgnick, and also to a handful of members for being the first to master the first set of member cards. The only update for today so far is that there are two new 100x35 link buttons thanks to Tas!

Oh, I thought I might also point out, while we are on the topic of member cards, that your own does count in your original 20 (so you cannot also count it when you are trying to get to 40 member cards to master it again) and also that the master form has been changed so that when you master member cards you can fill it out just like you would for every other deck.

Another note is that some concern has been raised about what is being updated and what isn't. We all have seperate jobs, so one day you will see that new link buttons have been added, but the new level badges have not. It depends who is updating as to what new things will appear on the site. :) If you have read all the way through this to this point, please take an upper level ticket for your time. We are sorry for the confusion, but hope that things have been cleared up now. Having three owners of a TCG can be tricky, and so by splitting up the jobs as we have, it keeps people from having their toes stepped on or duplicates appearing in the link buttons or badges. :)

Edit: Just a little note to say that deck picture donations are now closed. They will re-open once our planned decks are finished. Please see the donate page for more information.

February 20, 2007

There are five new sets, Young AJ, Young Brian, Young Nick, Young Kevin, and Young Howie. Everyone who has received a starter pack before today's date may take one card from each of the new decks!

Also, since today is Brian's birthday, there are even more goodies for you! Please take the following things to celebrate. Happy Birthday Brian!

Edit: Four new link buttons thanks to Becky and Mette. All lotto prizes have gone out, so if you have not received yours yet, please resend. Congratulations are also in order for our newest masters, Carrie (tvghowie), Kriss (theone), and Mette (tvgbrian)!

February 19, 2007

Two new 88x31 link buttons thanks to Fatima!

Things have been going exceptionally well for many players recently - congratulations to our newest masters, Carrie (showmethemeaning, igotyou), Aceetha (showmethemeaning), Amy (nowornever), Amyy (allihavetogive), Wendy (artz), Michelle (chicago), and Emma (sears).

This week's Lottery and Bingo numbers/tiles are up. Have you matched any?

February 18, 2007

Our claim, Free For All, is now up! If you are unsure how a claim works and have questions about the rules listed on the page, please e-mail us BEFORE claiming anything and we will explain it further for you. (Also a note that the admins are allowed to participate in the claim as well, but we will wait a few days before claiming to give others a chance at first picks.) Four new decks have been added! Everyone may take one card from each of the new decks if you've received your starter's pack by today.

JWR Calendar - Special
Making SOMH
Kevin and Nick
AJ and Nick

And with the addition of these new decks, we have exactly 1,000 cards!! :D So, you may all take the following card (worth 3) to celebrate that:

1,000 Cards

We also have a new affiliate--Exterminate.

February 17, 2007

Five new sets of Level badges have been added, thanks to Aceetha, Kriss, Loey, Michelle and Amy. All level badges sent in should now have been added. If you sent in badges for February that haven't been added, please send them in again.

The Rehearsal Games are now in Round 2! You'll notice that there is a new game as well, Card Puzzle. This is listed as being in round 2 only to avoid confusion, so no need to worry about having lost a round. Enjoy!

Edit: Also, since we hit 50 decks with yesterday's update of new cards, everyone may take one regular (worth 1) card of choice.

February 16, 2007

Congratulations to our most recent masters, Pat (tvgkevin), Mette (tvgaj), and Michelle (tvgaj)!

Two new link buttons thanks to Loey.

There are four new games available for you to play! They are all located under the 'Interview' header on the Fun page. Each is marked as being in round 2, but that's just to avoid confusion when I am updating them, so don't worry about having missed a round.

I've also added three new decks, AJ at Movie Premieres, Kevin on Fear Factor, and Howie on MTV Cribs. Please take one card from each of the new decks :)

The Bingo and Lottery numbers will be called tomorrow or Sunday, so if you haven't made your cards yet and would like to take part, please get them in soon!

February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Your gift from us is that you may all take (if you've recevied your starter's pack already) a #14 regular (worth 1) choice card and this special holiday card (worth 3):

Valentine's Day 2007

February 12, 2007

We have two new link badges thanks to Noelle. Also, congratulations to Aceetha for mastering Anywhere!

I have replied with prizes to all forms from the lottery - if you matched numbers and did not get a response, please send the form through again. Also, there may have been a little hiccup in that people matching 3 numbers did not receive an upper level ticket. If I didn't send one to you, but you matched three numbers and received your three random cards, please take one. Thanks, and sorry about that!

Important Information: Member cards are now masterable! When you have collected 20 of them, you can receive the same reward as you would for mastering a regular 20-card deck worth 1. See the member cards page for more information.

February 11, 2007

It's been a pretty quiet week here at Harmony Alley, so there's a big update for you all today!

First, we have four new link buttons thanks to Alexandria and Kriss. Interview games are now in round 2, including memory, though don't be alarmed that the card pictures haven't changed because the prizes have. I also called the first set of lottery numbers... are you a winner?

EDIT: There's another brand new game, Bingo!. Create a bingo card for yourself sometime this week if you can, because next weekend I will be randomly choosing 3 bingo tiles for you to match along with the lottery numbers! :)

Edit #2: I have updated the Donate page with info on decks that are planned and we do or don't need pictures for, so please check that out. We have a new affiliate--Fate. Also, I'm a few days late, but this TCG has been around for a month (as of the 8th), so everyone who received their Starter's Pack on or before February 8 may take the following card (worth 3):

One Month

Also, Kriss has mastered the first deck here at Harmony Alley (congrats!), so everyone who's received their Starter's Pack today or before may take the following card (also worth 3):

First Master

February 8, 2007

An error has been discovered in the Shape of My Heart deck. The cards #06 and #19 were identical. A new number 19 card has been uploaded, so if you had this card before, exchange it for the new one please.

February 3, 2007

Four new link buttons thanks to Wendy and Michelle! As the Lottery has just begun, I will not be calling numbers this weekend to give people more time to make their cards. I will call the first set next Saturday or Sunday. Good luck!

EDIT: Added four new decks. You may all take a total of four cards from the new decks below with no more than two from any single deck. Also added a new set of Level Badges thanks to Wendy.

Brian - Solo
Shape of My Heart
The Call
More Than That

February 1, 2007

Seeing as how it's a new month, everyone who's received their starter's pack by today may take a #02 regular (worth 1) card of choice.

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