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December 30, 2007

What a surprise!

Even more mastered decks. ;) I'd better get busy and make some more before you all master all the rest of the existing decks. Congrats everyone!

Alexandria (tvgbrian, kevandkris, kevinandnick)
Becky (webisode)
HoL (Vampire)
Kriss (Now or Never)
Loey (Brian and Kevin) Mericia (Do I Have To Cry For You, All I Have To Give, Nick Baratta, Tammy Kennedy, Chicago)
Noora (I Got You)
Pam (Chapter one puzzle, iwantitthatway)
Rainey (allihavetogive, werewolf, nevergone, nowornever, ninetiesbrian, tvgbrian)

Complete the Deck

In the previous update I posted a reward card for this activity, and I've since re-thought it just a bit. Since it is worth two points, I changed it to make the size the same as a regular 85x65 card. This makes it easier to display and it conforms to the existing cards. If you were elegible for this card, please replace it with this one. Thanks!

Master Badges

There are a bunch of new master badges available if you want them. Some people like to collect them, some don't and that's fine. :) They certainly aren't a requirement! I'll be adding more in the next days.

Affiliate News

One new affiliate today:
Highway to Hell (A Supernatural TCG)

Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar will remain up through the next week, but after next weekend it's gone. If you haven't claimed your gifts yet, please do!

ETA: Corrections!

Thanks to Mericia for pointing out that I had the wrong deck image in the Sears master badge! *blush* It's correct now. Also, ajscrib00 was not a blank card and that has also been corrected. :)

♥ Becky

December 28, 2007


That's a whole lot of mastered decks! I think we set a record, lol!

I've really had tons of fun with all the freebies via the Advent calendar, and I know you have too! Here's our newest list of masters:

Alexandria (makingsomh), Becky (makinhelpme, youngkevin), HoL (JWR Calendar,inbyh, Nineties Brian), Kari (Brian and Leighanne), Kriss (Never Gone, JWYTK, Nineties Brian, Premieres, Makin' Help Me, Concept), Loey (jwr calendar, kevin and kristin, Making Shape of My Heart), Mandah (The Call, Concept), Mericia (Millennium Puzzle, Concept, Unbreakable Puzzle), Michelle (malibubeach, ajscrib, inconsolable, phantom, ajandnick), Noora (Mad Scientist, Everybody, Fear Factor, Kevin And Nick), Pat (youngbrian, ajandnick, puzz-nevergone, kevandkris, sears, drowning_wet, earlydays, youngaj, elemental), Rainey (briansolo, malibubeach), Raiza (howiescrib, makingeverybody, nevergone, puzz-bsback, puzz-millennium)

Complete the Deck

Round 1 over at the forum is complete, and here is your reward!

The following people may take this Forum Event card (worth 2 points). [see the notes here regarding this new category of cards].

Participants: Kriss, Michelle, Emma, Pam, Karen, Pat

A new round will be posted soon, I'm just trying to get my nerve up to upgrade the forum software. *sigh*

♥ Becky

December 28, 2007


I felt that this one deserved its own update. I've updated the claims and removed the claimed cards. I owe you all a bunch of apologies for letting it go this long. Yes, I've been busy, but that's not really an excuse nor is it the reason. In my own n00by-ness to moderating HA, I honestly just don't remember to check it. *sigh* AT DQ the only games and activities I have are automated and only require updates when the rounds change. Card Claim is more management intensive and I just dropped the ball.

Thanks to you all for managing to keep your claims straight, and for 'fessing up when you took a card that was already claimed, and then exchanging it and letting me know. You're the best. :)

I'll do better now. ;)

♥ Becky

December 25, 2007


Everyone (who has already received their Starter's Pack before today) may take the following Holiday card (worth 3) along with what's listed below it:

One regular (worth 1) card that has a red border.
One regular (worth 1) card that has a green border.

More goodies in the Advent calendar!

Newest Masters!

Good work!

Alexandria (tvgnick, puzz-bsback, alaylm), Loey (100 hours tour), Mandah (nineties nick), Becky (drowning-wet, incomplete), Michelle (shapeofmyheart, concept, kevinandnick)

♥ Becky

December 22, 2007

Happy Saturday!

I have a ton of mail and Bingo wins to reply to, but ... eek!

Our son arrived home from the Marines this morning, so we're headed out in a bit to visit grandma. :) He's only home for a few days, so we're making the most of our time together. In his honor you get free cards.

Take a regular card for each of the letters in the word M-A-R-I-N-E. The letters must be in the file name, and no more than two cards from the same deck please.

Member News

More masters! Congrats!

Mandah (Backstreet Boys Puzzle, self-titled), Becky (ninetiesnick, kevandkris), Raiza (iwantitthatway)

♥ Becky

December 22, 2007

Almost Sunday (here, at least *g*)

little update:

- Email, Forms and Bingo wins have all received replies
- Complete the Deck round 2 is finished! Participants will be receiving rewards via email in the next day or so. Look for a new round after Christmas. :) You can only play this at the Forum, so if you aren't a member? Come sign up!

Kriss (milennium puzzle, aj's crib), Michelle (howieandnick), Noora (Chicago, Do I Have To Cry For You)

New Affiliates
Estorie, a History TCG, and Very Beauty, A J-Pop TCG

I'm trying to not get too far behind, so I might be answering mail and checking the forum in random spurts. Things will settle down after the holidays. Peace!

♥ Becky

December 19, 2007

Happy Wednesday!

My goodness, the countdown to Christmas is in full swing!

Game Update

Lottery numbers have been called
Bingo tiles have been called
Forum raffle numbers have been posted!

Member News

Congrats again to our newest round of masters!

Alexandria (blake little), HoL (Black and Blue Puzzle), Kriss (I Still), Noora (Brian Solo), Pam (Chicago), Loey (Making Everybody), Michelle (howieandnick)

♥ Becky

December 13, 2007

Free For All

Free For All is cleaned up and all ready to go again.

Member News

Congrats to all of our newest masters!

Ilse (Howie's crib), Loey (Show Me the Meaning), HoL (AJ and Nick), mandah (Puzz-Millennium, Chapter One puzzle), Michelle (artz), Alexandria (jwrcalendar, makingeverybody), Pam (elemental, Kevin and Nick), Pat (tvguide, puzz-millennium, kevinandnick, nevergone, shapeofmyheart, werewolf), Becky (ninetieskevin)

♥ Becky

December 10, 2007

Congratulations Howie & Leigh!

Harmony Alley wishes all the best to Howie and his bride, Leigh. Everyone who has have received their starter pack by today may take the special BSB event card below. This card is worth TWO points.

Howie's wedding

Member News

Congrats to our newest masters!

HoL (show me the meaning), Kriss (JWR Calendar), Emma (tvgnick, thecall, phantom, igotyou, inbyh), Noora (jwr calendar), Loey (elemental); Raiza (mummy, ninetieskevin)

Member News

The Advent Calendar is up to date, off to check my mail and the forum. Game update very soon. *mwah*!

EDIT: Concert Games are now in Round 7. Enjoy!

♥ Becky

December 7, 2007

Three New Decks!

Three new decks for you today tonight. If you have received your starter pack by today, you may take three cards from these two ONE point sets, but no more than two from the same set.

Brian & Leighanne
Making Incomplete

And ... a new TWO point set! Take ONE card from this set of images from the Boys' appearance on "Arthur." (you can see the vid clips here)


Affiliate News

One new affiliate today. Be sure to take a look at Urban Legends, a Supernatural TCG.

Member News

Congrats to the following new masters: HoL (ncracing, largerthanlife), Kriss (T. Kennedy, Nick Baratta), Mericia (inconsolable), Becky (nichbaratta), Loey (igotyou). Way to go!

This is my busiest weekend of the year as a church musician, so aside from the Advent Calendar (which I hope you are all enjoying!) this is the big update until at least Monday. I'll be checking the form submissions, email and the forum, but deck making and big game updates won't be happening. I have finally gotten the hang of the deck template but it still takes me a while to put them all together.

Have a great weekend!

♥ Becky

December 5, 2007

Semi-new Layout

Thanks to charliemc at LiveJournal for Santa-hatting the boys for me. *g* She even gave me explicit directions on how to upload it. You can only see it on the darker layout, btw. (and there is no preview you just have to give it a try.) In honor of our holiday layout, take the following card worth THREE points.

Member News

Congrats to the following new masters: HoL (ncracing, largerthanlife), Mandah (inbyhus), Kriss (T. Kennedy, Nick Baratta), Loey (vampire), Mericia (mummy). Way to go!

♥ Becky

December 4, 2007

Happy Hanukkah!

Today is the first day of Hanukkah, so let's celebrate!

Everyone who has received their starter pack before today may take 1 regular card with a blue border.

December freebies!

A new round of freebies has been posted in the forum. Go snag some cards, and there's a treat there as well!

Member Cards

Don't forget, your member cards are trade-able! I'm going to post mine over at the forum and also check out the member pages. Hmm, my collected cards seem to have disappeared in my changeover to php. Must go hunt down an old file. :)

♥ Becky

December 4, 2007

Advent Calendar!

I did it! I did it without messing up the entire site! LOL. Now if I was just brave enough to attempt a new layout, I'd add in our Boys in Santa hats. *g*

Each day of this month be sure to click on the calendar to get your prizes. Since this is a few days late, be sure to go back to the 1st and catch up. :)

Thanks to Kitty at Urban Legends for the idea and for answering my questions. (oh, and if you join? referring me would be sweet!)

p.s. It looks better using the darker layout.

♥ Becky

December 3, 2007

Two new decks today!

Incomplete, images from the music video.
AJ's Crib, images from both episodes of MTV Cribs. This deck features his Orlando house and his house in Malibu.

Everyone who has received their starter pack before today may take 3 cards, but no more than 2 from any one deck.

Free For All, Round 8

I'm sad to say that Amyy has left us, but that gives us a ginormous amount of cards to claim! The Free For All page has been updated, and a new round has begun. This means that even if you just claimed, you may claim again. Please be sure to add up your total points according to the instructions. Also, make sure to check the tag board comments so that you don't claim a card that has already been taken. :)

Master Badges

I forgot to mention that I've added more master badges if you want them. It's slow going, since I don't have the original images from the older decks. But it's been fun looking for them online. Enjoy!

♥ Becky

December 2, 2007


Since Harmony Alley reopened on October 1, there have been a ton of members who have mastered decks. I didn't make a note of them right away but I want to correct that oversight now. Take a look below at all of the decks we've mastered in the past two months!

Alexandria (werewolf, malibu beach)
Becky (lotharlange, young nick)
Emma (werewolf, show me the meaning)
HoL (artz, nick baratta, brian and nick, george holz, Nineties Howie , mad scientist)
Kriss (nineties AJ, werewolf, 8 rules, tvg-nick, aj and brian, artz)
Loey (chicago, cry for you, young howie, young kevin)
Mericia (show me the meaning, the call)
Mez (ninetiesnick)
Michelle (fakeidclub, mummy, the call, brian solo, larger than life)
Noora (artz photoshoot)
Raiza (nineties brian, werewolf, anywhere, all i have to give)
Pam (nineties kevin)
Sheeda (ninetiesaj)

Give these folks a big round of applause! There were also some decks that were mastered over the summer, and congrats to all of you as well.

It wouldn't be an update without a couple of freebies, so here you go! Since it is now December, you may take (If you have received your starter pack by today) a regular number 12 card, and since it's already snowing in many places, take one regular card where someone wearing all white is featured.

Looking Ahead

December Freebies will be posted tomorrow in the forum. The child will be in school and the hubby will be at work and I will be able to concentrate. *g*

♥ Becky

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