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October 11, 2008

OMG we're back again?

Unintentional hiatus due to real life and just being burnt out. *sigh* I want to get things started up again, and will be looking for serious help, as in managers or co-owners. I found myself just totally bogged down in the vicious circle of knowing I needed to update and just not being able to, and on and on it went.

Our son is home from Iraq, and while he's here over the next week or two I won't be around much, but there will be some freebies in his honor. :)

 Birthday: It was Kevin's birthday last week! In his honor, take THREE cards featuring Kevin - 1 card from the Kevin section. 1 card from the Group section, and 1 card from the Video section.

 Freebies: In honor of our son being home from Iraq, take four cards, one for each letter in I-R-A-Q. They may all be in the same deck if you wish.

 Level Up: Ilse, level 8
 Master: Ilse (Drowning Wet)

♥ Becky

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