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January 31, 2008

Looking for Input

I want to get going on some new decks, but at the moment my mind is a blank wasteland. I've opened up a new section at the forum with three topics concerning new card decks. I'd appreciate it if you'd all take a look and give me some feedback? I'd be very grateful.

Take a look.

(side note: I have two sets of caps for HWSS already, but I haven't been able to get them to cooperate with the template. I shall persevere. *g*)

Newest Masters
Becky (puzz-unbreakable, tkennedy)
Ilse (Werewolf)
Michelle (lotharlange)


If you've read this far, take a regular card of your choice. :)

♥ Becky

January 28, 2008


Nicky Is 28 Years Old Today!

In honor of this happy day, everyone (who's received their starter's pack by today or before) may take all of the items below. :)

Newest Masters
Kari (I Want It That Way)
Mandah (Elemental)
Kriss (Help Me)
Ilse (Puzz-blackandblue)
Pam (100 hours tour)


New Affiliate
Welcome to Everything Changes, a Torchwood TCG.

♥ Becky

January 25, 2008


Game Update

Today I have an entirely new section of games for you! Encore Games are in Round 1. They're some things I've gleaned from my visits to other tcgs, also from my own Delta Quadrant tcg. Enjoy!

Newest Masters
Loey (Young Nick)
Mericia (Arthur)
Becky (Arthur, making incomplete)

Way to go!

Disappearing Act
Our family is taking off for the weekend. After we pick up the daughter from school we're heading to Disney World at our Marine son's request. :) We'll be home Sunday night and I'll be back online Monday.

♥ Becky

January 21, 2008


Game Update

Interview Games are now in Round 8. Have fun!

Newest Masters
SamD (everybody)
Raiza (inbyhus)

Good job!


Mail and Forum activities will be caught up later today. Our Marine son is home on leave and we're heading out to do lunch with his grandma. :)

♥ Becky

January 19, 2008


Three new decks today thanks to HoL, which brings us to a grand total of 100 Decks! If you have received your starter pack by today, you may take TWO cards from EACH these three ONE point sets as well as the 3 point event card below.

AJ and Kevin
AJ and Howie

Newest Masters
Kriss (Nineties Nick)
Emma (puzz-bsback, drowning_wet, puzz-selftitled, mummy, inconsolable, tvgaj, youngbrian, puzz-unbreakable, tvgbrian)

Also? There are three members who have reached a card worth of over 1,000! Congrats to HoL, Kriss and Michelle!

♥ Becky

January 17, 2008

2 New Decks!

Two new decks today featuring Nick and his brother Aaron, and Nick's reality show House of Carters. If you have received your starter pack by today, you may take a total of THREE cards from these two ONE point sets, but no more than two from the same set.

Nick and Aaron
House of Carters

Newest Masters

Christina (drowning_wet)
Kriss (I Want It That Way, Mad Scientist)
Loey (Young AJ)
Mandah (Backstreet's Back)
Pam (tvgkevin)


♥ Becky

January 14, 2008

Peeking In

Didn't mean to disappear, but I succumbed to the plague that seems to have sidetracked everyone I know. Anyway, I'm back and I bring you fun things!


Rehearsal Games have been updated, and in the games index I have added links to the Forum Games (Complete the Deck, Raffle). If you aren't registered at the forum, you're missing out on chances to earn extra cards!

Newest Masters
Alexandria (puzz-nevergone, jwytk)
HoL (Do I Have To Cry For You)
Karen (puzz-unbreakable, elemental)
Loey (Brian and Nick, Shape of My Heart)
Michelle (8rules)
Noora (I'll Never Break Your Heart US, I Want It That Way) Raiza (malibubeach)
SamD (concept)

Way to go!

Etcetera ...

Forms and mail are all replied to, and I'll head over to the forum in just a bit.

We're sorry to see Mimi leave, but her cards will open up a new round of Free For All. I'm working on that now and it will be posted later this afternoon, so please check back. ETA: Thanks to our newest member, Jamie, for pointing out that none of the passes and tickets were showing up on the current prize pages. *blush* It's fixed. :)

♥ Becky

January 9, 2008


Our boy is 30 Years Old today!

In honor of this momentous occasion, everyone (who's received their starter's pack by today or before) may take all of the items below. :)

Newest Masters

Alexandria (arthur)
HoL (BSB Back Puzzle)
Kriss (TVG-Brian)
Loey (Brian and Leighanne)
Mandah (Nick Baratta)
Mericia (ALAYLM)
Mez (Drowning-Wet, Nick Baratta, Blake Little)
Michelle (Vampire)
Wendy (Werewolf, IWITW, I Got You, ALAYLM, Show Me The Meaning, Help Me, Mad Scientist, Chicago)

Well done!

♥ Becky

January 8, 2008


Harmony Alley is One Year Old today!

It's hard to believe, isn't it?! In honor of our anniversary, please take all of the items below. :)

(worth 3 points)

Take THREE cards from any regular deck that you are collecting, and take ONE special (2 point) card of your choice.

eta: Your three cards may all be from the same deck, or spread over different decks. And if you don't need three for collecting, then just take three cards of your choice. I'm easy. *g*

Take ONE card whose file name contains the first letter of your first name, and ONE card whose file name contains the first letter of your last name.

Thank You!

Thank you all for being fabulous members and new friends.

Eternal thanks to Aceetha, HoL, and Sam for establishing Harmony Alley, and for allowing me to take over to keep it running. You all are the very best. :)

Last but not least, thanks to the BOYS for the music and the laughter.

♥ Becky

January 7, 2008


The halls have been un-decked, our 2-day cold snap has given way to 80 degree weather again, and the child is back in school. Now I can take a deep breath and get back to having some fun here!

A few things for today ...

- Card Claim has been updated
- Lottery Numbers have been called
- the Advent Calendar has been packed away until next December, along with the Boys' Santa hats. Thanks for playing, I know I had fun doing it. :)

Newest Masters

Alexandria (nickbaratta)
HoL (Brian and Kevin, WGIGO, TVG - Kevin, Fake ID Club, The Call, Making Everybody, ALAYLM)
Mandah (Do I Have To Cry For You, Mummy)
Christina (quitplayinggames, iwantitthatway, artz)
Ilse (Inconsolable, Vampire)
Mericia (Brian and Nick, I Want It That Way)
Michelle (istill)
Kriss (Inconsolable)
Raiza (inbyh)
Karen (igotyou, nevergone, allihavetogive, tkennedy)
Mez (Quit Playin' Games, Elemental, Everybody, Sears, 100 Hours Tour, Just Want You To Know)

Forum News

Yay! It worked! The Forum has been upgraded to the newest released version. Updating the games now.

I'm going to be taking the forum offline, probably this afternoon or evening, so that I can do a backup and upgrade to the final version of the software. Cross your fingers, hopefully it will go smoothly and I won't lose anything or have to use the backup. *shudder* Once the upgrade is done I'll be posting new rounds of the forum games.

Last But Not Least

Tomorrow is a very special day here at Harmony Alley! Can you guess? Be sure to stop by for some special goings-on!!!

♥ Becky

January 1, 2008


In honor of a brand new year, everyone (who has already received their Starter's Pack before today) may take the following Holiday card (worth 3) along with what's listed below it:

One card for each letter in N-E-W Y-E-A-R. No more than 2 cards from any one deck, and the letter must be in the file name.

Also? Take one special 2 point card of choice.


Noora (Get Down, INBYH)
Kari (100 Hours Tour)
Michelle (dreams)
Raiza (concept, nickbaratta, getdown)

New Decks

*le sigh* The images just wouldn't resize properly so I stopped for the time being. Soon though. :)

Reminder: Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar will remain up through the next week, but after next weekend it's gone. If you haven't claimed your gifts yet, please do!

♥ Becky

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