Harmony Alley


Harmony Alley is a Backstreet Boys TCG. If you're unfamiliar with TCGs, the letters stand for Trading Card Game (this being an online one). The idea is pretty simple: you read the rules, join, and then play games to earn cards. Cards can also be earned in free givaways from the updates or by participating in/winning a contest. You can ask to trade cards with other members to collect sets. When you collect all the cards in a set (or deck), you then earn more cards. Keep reading to find out more.

What You Need

In order to play and participate in this TCG, you need a website with the following information on it:

  • A badge showing your current level.
  • All of your cards (collecting, trading and mastered).
  • The total number of cards you have along with the total worth of the cards (some cards are worth more than one).
  • A trade log which has the dates and ways you earned ALL of your cards (see some of the member's sites for examples).
  • A link back to Harmony Alley (usually the badge is linked).
  • You will also want to list your extra items such as Tickets and Passes and any awards you may receive.

Starter's Pack

When you join, we will send you a starting pack of cards. You will receive three regular (worth 1) cards from a deck you select when joining, and three completely random regular cards. Once you have put these up on your trading page, please reply to your Starter's Pack e-mail to let us know and we will move you from Pending to Level 1.

Levels/Leveling Up

Below are the levels for this TCG along with the total WORTH of your cards you must have for each level.

Level 1 - Talent: 1-40
Level 2 - Practice: 41-90
Level 3 - Lyric: 91-180
Level 4 - Vocal: 181-300
Level 5 - Instrument: 301-490
Level 6 - Song: 491-700
Level 7 - Studio: 701-940
Level 8 - Dance: 941-1250
Level 9 - Video: 1250-1480
Level 10 - Album: 1481-1790
Level 11 - Tour: 1791-2400
Level 12 - Gold: 2401-3500
Level 13 - Platinum: 3501-4800
Level 14 - International: 4801-?

For Leveling Up, when your total card WORTH is within the range of the next level, fill out the level up form and you will receive two cards of choice and two random cards.

Mastering Decks

When you have mastered a deck, that is, you have ALL of the cards in that deck (1-20 for regular or 1-10 for special), you will receive either two regular cards of choice or one special card of choice and two random cards by filling out the mastered form.

Earning Cards

The following are all of the ways you can earn cards here at Harmony Alley.

  • Leveling Up
  • Mastering a Deck
  • Referring a New Member (1 random regular card)
  • Birthday Present (see side-bar)
  • Giveaways in the Updates
  • Donating

Can the Owners/Moderators Play?

We the owners and staff can play, but are, however, more restricted than any regular members. We get cards from the updates like everyone else. We can play games that are run by scripts that we have no control over, or that we do not know the answer to. We can participate in contests as long as we are not judging it. We can also play the lotto and raffle as the winners are random and we have no influence over who wins. Also, a Staff Pay Randomizer is used to distribute cards equal to what would be possible to win if all games were played.

We think this is fair. If for some reason you do not or have an opinion on the matter, feel free to contact us about it and we will consider your opinion.