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June 11, 2010

Never Gone

I'm still here! Just getting through the end of the school year and getting back on track. :)

 New decks:  Two new decks tonight, take two cards from each. The Tour deck is made from my photos that I took during the Miami Show. Go here if you'd ike to see the rest.

This Is Us - Miami, I'll Never Break Your Heart

 Freebies: Sidebar freebies have been updated, as well as June Freebies in the forum.

♥ Becky

June 3, 2010

Backstreet's Back, Alright!

Holy moly, these guys are good! Both shows were amazing, and they all looked and sounded great!

 Games:  Encore Games are in Round 4, and a new puzzle has been added. The Lyric Puzzle has the words to a BSB song instead of pictures. It's so hard even *I* had trouble doing it! Forum games and Ongoing games will be updated over the next day or two.

Note: I'm unable to load any of the puzzles in Firefox. It could have been an update issue, it happened before. I'll see what I can find out.

♥ Becky

May 30, 2010

Ain't No Party Like A Backstreet Party!

Sorry for my absence this past week, but my best friend from Toronto is here! We saw BSB in Miami last night and are seeing them again Tuesday night in Orlando. Whee!!! Regular updates will resume later this week, but in the meantime take the limited edition card below, worth 3 points.

 Level Up:  Sheeda (Level 5)

 Masters: Pam (Unbreakable Puzzle)

Great job!

♥ Becky

May 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Hubby and I have been married a very long time. ;) In honor of us, take a regular number 03 and a number 05 card of your choice, and they may be from the same deck. Also take the tickets and passes below.


 Games: Concert Games are now in Round 4.

 Level Up: Betty (Level 2, 3); Sheeda (Level 5)

 Masters: Sheeda (I Still)


♥ Becky

May 16, 2010

Another weekend gone.

Time just goes by too quickly.

Encore Games and sidebar freebies are updated. I'm going to be applying for some new affiliates this week, so stay tuned!

♥ Becky

May 11, 2010

See? I told you I was sick. LOL

Edited: On the update from May 9th, please take two cards each from "Welcome Home" and "Help Me", and one card from "Roses".


May 11, 2010

Shall we play a game?

Encore Games and Lottery are updated this morning. Have fun!

♥ Becky